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What Women Want Types of Guys Women Cannot Wait To Leave

Guys should know a few things about women. One important thing is that they need to know and understand what a woman is looking for in a guy and what she really cannot stand. There are a few different types of guys that women cannot wait to leave and get away from. If the man the women are with is not the right man for them, they do not want to waste one more minute on this person and they want to get started looking for the right guy to share their life with. The following are a few different types of guys that women will want to stay away from. If you recognize some of the traits that are below in yourself, do not worry.

You still have time to change certain things about yourself - for the better - and get on the right track to find the woman of your dreams. 1. Guys that are needy. Few women and girls want to have a man that is needy all the time or too over emotional. Women want to have men that share their feeling with them in the right way.

However, any guy that is too needy is going to doubt himself and needs reassurance all the time about their relationship, work and even their friends. This is going to eventually cause a problem with the relationship. Most women want men that are confident in them.

They do not want to deal with insecurity and dependence on someone else. They want their partner to be strong and have great confidence in handling issues in their life and their relationship. 2. Guys that are predictable. Most women do not want any guy that is too predicable.

They do not want to know every single move that he is going to make every time. A woman wants to have some kind of spontaneous relationship with their man. Women want to have fun and be free with their man and this means being able to take risks and do something out of the ordinary. 3. Guys that are arrogant.

Most women hate egos. They do not want any man that is rude or thinks that others are underneath him. Women do not want to be talked down to and they should not have to tell men about their ego. If you want to impress her, you need to treat everyone around you with a great amount of respect. 4.

Guys that are rude. Never flirt with any other girl that is around. You need to be on your best behavior because chances are she is watching you. This type of behavior is demeaning to a woman and it is going to upset them. Be respectful and do not flirt when she is around or when she is absent as well.

It is common courtesy to treat your woman with pride and respect. 5. Guys who are boring. No girl wants to be bored in a relationship. Keep the relationship interesting and make things fun. You can come up with great ideas all the time to keep things fresh and alive.

Do not are stuck in a rut and make sure that you are doing all that you can to make her happy when you go out. 6. Guys that are cheap. Do not make the girl pay. You need to pick up the tab and shower her with gifts every once in a while. They do not have to over exceed your limit, but you should give her flowers or candy from time to time or pick up her favorite perfume.

These little things can get you a long way and make the relationship bloom in the right direction. 7. Guys who like to argue. Women hate it when guys like to fight all the time.

This can be with a woman or with someone else. Do not pick fights and keep out of trouble. Women do not want a man that is always in trouble with the law either. Fly right and keep your mouth shut when it comes to things that make you mad. Speaking your opinion is fine but do not make it too overwhelming to others.

8. Guys that are extremely self-righteous. This fellows, is going to be the type of guy that is very judgmental of others. He will probably try to be perfect and not drink or smoke. He does not think before he speaks and tells others to follow the way that he does things because he is always right.

Women hate this and no one wants to deal with a guy like this. You are going to be annoying and very rude when you practice these methods. 9. Guys that is bitter with women. If you are someone that does not appreciate women, you need to understand that you are going to be single soon. Do not speak negatively towards women.

Respect the female gender, give them the respect, and love that they deserve. If you are reading these things, you will know how you should not act. If you are finding that you are taking after some of these traits, you will want to change your attitude and be more aware of your behavior. Getting a woman and keeping her are two different things and you need to make sure that you are keeping her happy and interested in you as well.

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