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The day after her ''Big Brother'' eviction, Diane talks about backstabbing, back-dooring, her beef with Janelle, Howie's seduction techniques, and the Will-Boogie conundrum by Jessica Shaw

Whether or not you wanted Diane Henry to stay longer in the Big Brother: All-Stars house, you have to admit she brought a certain — how shall we say it? — #@%*! bluntness to the show. Fear not, Diane fans. Her candor has not died down now that she got almost unanimously voted out. In fact, she's just getting going.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Diane, you seemed pretty annoyed to be leaving.
DIANE: I hope there are people in my boat out there because I am pissed. I am super-disappointed. I'm so sorry to America. You know if I was in there, I would have won HOH and the s--- would have hit the fan.

It didn't seem like you and Janelle hated each other so much on the show, and yet you implied to Julie Chen that there was a lot of backstory. What went on with you two?
Janelle was gunning for me from day one this season, and it all started from an outside-the-house beef. It's so stupid and childish. On her season last year, I didn't get a chance to watch a lot of the show. Then all of a sudden one night I started getting all these random calls from people like ''You gotta get on the live feed because Janelle is talking mad s--- about you on the couch.'' One thing leads to another and the wrap party comes along and everyone's asking, ''Where's Diane?'' And people said to Janelle, ''You talked a lot of s--- about her.'' So somebody forced her to make an apology to me on the phone, which she did, but of course she was intoxicated, as usual, and it was the least sincere apology. I was sour about it for a little while, and then I let it go. She didn't. She was immediately threatened by me. Apparently I'm some huge Big Brother mastermind, even though I'm the one sitting alone saying, ''Won't anyone play the game with me?''

Too bad Nakomis was kicked off so soon. You two could have been a real force to be reckoned with.
I know. If Janelle didn't have me on her radar, me and that girl [Nakomis] could have taken the game better to the end than the rest of them. My heart left and my motivation left with her. I didn't have anybody.

There was always Jase, your Mr. Smith, right?
It's so funny, because I don't know if the Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance existed. I think it existed to Jase — I'm pretty sure he mentioned it once in the backyard. But we never talked about it, and he was too scared to talk to me about it. If I was in an alliance, I would have loved to know about it.

Jase was kind of a jerk last week during his interview with me.
He really took [getting voted out] hard. The Jase I knew was pretty cool outside the game and an a--hole inside the game. I don't know why was so pissy about it after the show. He keeps getting kicked out of reality shows.

Maybe it was just the editing, but for a second there it looked like maybe you had the votes to stay in the house. Did you think you had a shot?
It's so weird because what you guys see is so different from the way we perceive things. Right when nominations were made and I wasn't put up by Janelle, everyone promised to give Erika their votes because she didn't want to leave. Will was supposed to be put up on the block. Everyone was like, ''I'm sorry. We promised our votes to Erika.'' It was definitely a cop-out. Danielle told me from day one when she makes a decision, she sticks to it. Had I known she was slightly considering keeping me, I might have tried other things.

Did you ever think about making a deal with the other season 6-ers?
No, I f---ing hate all of them and didn't want anything to do with them.