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What do you really know about reality TV? Take the challenge of our five-question quiz about some of the hottest shows on the air

With one woman sifting through a couple dozen guys, you could say that ''The Bachelorette'' is about female empowerment. Or revenge -- since bachelorette Trista Rehn finished a tantalizing second in ''The Bachelor.'' But no matter what happens, she always has her day job to fall back on

Question No. 1: What is ''The Bachelorette'''s occupation?

  1. Gym teacher
  2. Health club manager
  3. Legal aide
  4. Physical therapist
  5. Registered nurse
  6. Swimwear store owner

On Fox's ''Joe Millionaire,'' 20 bachelorettes are attracted to hunky prospect Evan Marriott's chiseled features and oh yeah, his millions. Of course, we now know the fortune is fictional. Besides, aren't these romantic matches written in the stars?

Question No. 2: What's ''Joe Millionaire'''s sign?

  1. Aries
  2. Cancer
  3. Capricorn
  4. Gemini
  5. Leo
  6. Pisces

The WB's reality show ''High School Reunion'' gives us all a chance to observe where life has taken Oak Park-River Forest High School's Class of '92. So far, the award for Most Changed goes to Ben Reb, the high school nerd who has become a wealthy studmuffin -- though that's not what it says on his business cards

Question No. 3: What does Ben, ''the Nerd'' on ''High School Reunion,'' do for a living?

  1. Financial market maker
  2. Medical supply wholesaler
  3. Personal injury lawyer
  4. Real-estate developer
  5. Software designer

ABC's ''The Mole'' franchise has a Hollywood twist this season with ''Celeberity Mole Hawaii,'' where celebs like Corbin Bernsen, Kathy Griffin, and Frederique compete for cash while figuring who's the snake in the grass. Overseeing the contest is NFL star turned sportscaster Ahmad Rashad, who knows a little something about competition himself

Question No. 4: What does ''Ahmad Rashad'' mean?

  1. Admirable One Led to Truth
  2. Blessed Son
  3. Enlightened Soul
  4. Exalted Holder of Power
  5. Glorious and Bright
  6. Respected Leader of Men

With more reality shows on TV than ever, we can almost look back on last year as the good old days when CBS' ''Survivor'' ruled the reality roost. But while most of the challenges on ''Survivor'' have been tests of strength or endurance, one cast member in ''Survivor: The Australian Outback'' suffered an injury that was far from entertaining.

Question No. 5: What accident befell one of the cast of ''Survivor: The Australian Outback''?

  1. Bitten by a tortoise
  2. Burned his hands
  3. Fractured his leg
  4. Stabbed with porcupine quills
  5. Stung by a jellyfish
  6. Wrenched his knee