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Thief Runs Patron Down

Dorthy frequently shops a local giant retailer. There is something about the open atmosphere that she enjoys. She can usually find everything she needs in one place, which keeps her from driving all over town.

She likes to stroll through the parking lot with her cell phone to her ear. It is a security measure to let others know she is safe, and she also believes it looks cool. When she exits the store she usually carries her packages in her hand. Its awkward sometimes, but she usually does not have that much to carry, so she manages. She is well aware of some of the vulnerabilities shoppers face when exiting a store. She is grateful that none of it ever happened to her.

One night she went shopping for jewelry. It was her birthday and she wanted to treat herself to something nice. She went to the jewelry counter and tried on different pieces, until she finally made up her mind what to buy. It was a beautiful gold necklace. She figured what the heck I deserve it and she purchased it. Unknowing to her someone was watching her in the store.

It was a thief and he was planning to take what she purchased. His method of stealing was unique. He would wait until the victim was in the parking lot, run by, snatch what they had purchased and disappear in the nearby neighborhoods. His success depended on lots of factors but mostly on the victim. The person chosen had to carry the package in the right way and be seemingly distracted. Dorothy fit the criteria, so he followed her out of the store into the parking lot.

She did everything perfectly, she would be a good victim. She even held her package the right way. The criminals prepared to make his take. When the time was right he ran full speed toward the victim, who was on the cell phone. When he got close enough he tore the package from the victims hand and disappeared into the nearby neighbohood. Parking lot security eventually showed up and they reported the incident to police.

The thief and the jewelry were never found. Luckily it was a credit card purchase and Dorothy was reimbursed. When shopping, pay attention to your surroundings. What goes on in back of you is just as important as what goes on in front. You must make it hard for criminals to take from you. If your items are small place them inside your purse or pocket.

If they are large carry them in front of you. Look in all directions when walking through the parking lot. Make eye contact with as many people as you can. Own a cell phone they are great for emergencies, but do not count on it for defense. Keep it in your pocket not up to your ear.

Checking out your surroundings will require your full attention.

Johnny A. Jenkins, Distribution Director of Repeller Technology, provides self-defense and safety products, tips and advice to fit most situations. Make your surroundings safer for you and loved ones today at: Repeller Technology.

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