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It is very much difficult for the universities to distinguish among the candidates based on their academic performances alone. When the students are in equal grades, naturally other activities and the yearning of the students towards the course would be considered. Personal statement provides room for better mode of selection. It is the single most important aspect of the application. Personal statement is an effective tool for the students to showcase their talents, in order to convince the selectors of the university that they are highly suitable for the course.

There are many online and offline service providers who are working by way of assisting the students as per their convenience. They prepare a quality personal statement which could exceed one's expectations and deliver it at their doorsteps. Rather than putting a maiden effort in preparing a statement, the students could approach these companies to get the best work done, as they are more experienced, having dealt with a large number of personal statements. The experienced editors in these companies will increase the candidates' opportunity to find a suitable position in the university by drafting an effective personal statement. They will help the candidates to elucidate their personality, writing ability, achievements and character in a better way, which would be the key to attain the required seat in the preferred universities. The service providers are well aware of the issues confronted with; while writing the personal statement they will skip the unnecessary issues and will focus on the important issues which need to be highlighted.

The service providers also offer information through websites which are fully packed with various details. They are also posting a variety of personal statement samples and specific subject writing guide. One can prepare the personal statement by simply following the advice provided in the writing guide statement and can get it edited by placing the rough draft into the website.

Many service providers help them instantly to shape their raw ideas into a work of art. The editors will tailor the personal statement provided by the clients so as to suit the needs of the universities. They will help the students reflect upon the flashbacks and turning points in their lives. After recollecting everything the students should provide the information relevant to the prescribed questions or to their subjects.

The editors would finetune it as per the requirement of the universities. There are many companies in the market which provide Personal statements; the Personal Statement UK is one which offers extraordinary services to the students to prepare an excellent personal statement. The Sunday Times reported about Personal Statement UK saying that it has been offering packs of previous successful statements for just 12. The newspaper further praised Personal Statement UK as a key website which helps bring out the best quality statement.

They provide the statements drafted and modified by dedicated professional writers with various academic backgrounds. The statements would be cent percent free from spelling and grammatical errors. The students can also get the matched personal statements as per their individual academic profile, desired university and choice of subject.

Beset with profound experience, they are well aware of the importance of matching the profile of the students with the profile of the course and the university. They will collect all the data through online questionnaires which are easy to access. They also provide brochures such as the Essential Guide to Personal Statements, Top Universities in the UK, and Student Loans at free of cost. "Just to let you know that I've been accepted into Bristol University. Thank you very much for getting my personal statement back to me so quickly and all your help", is one of the valuable feedbacks given by Derek Peterson, a student from New Castle, who got benefited by the Personal Statement UK, speaks volumes of the company's performance.

The success rate of the company is 99.7 per cent and the clients are satisfied with the company's services. They have consulted hundreds of university admissions staff and built up a bank of thousands of successful personal statements catering to various range of profiles. Thus the process of preparation of personal statement has been made easy by the service providers, the major role being played by the firm Personal Statement UK. The choice is with the students to get the best out of them in order to achieve the desired results.

James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you are a UK or Overseas student applying for a place in a UK University, to stand out from the thousands of others, it is essential to have striking Personal Statement, for more information and professional guidance, see

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